About the NZJA


New Zealand Juggling Association is an incorporated society established as a non-profit organisation to advance the development, understanding and appreciation of juggling and associated disciplines in New Zealand.

Part of this role is to foster and promote events which provide awareness of juggling (and associated disciplines), with a specific focus on an annual festival / convention in New Zealand - the NZ Juggling Festival.

Both the NZJA and the NZ Juggling Festival are staffed and run by unpaid volunteers who generously give their time and labour to educate and nurture emerging talent as well as to present juggling and circus to the wider community.
The NZJA officers and the Festival committee are usually the same group of people voted into office by their peers at the preceding year's festival.

The NZ Juggling Festival is now in its 22nd consecutive year and the event has grown to embrace much of the wider circus, poi, fire and unicycling community of NZ.

Since its inception, the festival has been held in various locations throughout the country with local jugglers undertaking to host and organise the festival in their region.